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WATCHING ME FALL "Little things" 7"EP




THUGxLIFE "Jungle law" 7"EP


STAY HUNGRY "Stay Hungry" 7"EP


COKE BUST "Confined" 12"


H.C.P. "Pozytywny stan świadomości 1989" LP






NO MISTAKE "Connect the dots... complete the puzzle" 7"EP


CATHARSIS "Light from a dead star II." DLP


CATHARSIS "Light from a dead star I." DLP


REGRES "Nie patrzeć wstecz" 12"EP


MINDSET "Now, more than ever" CD


APPRAISE "Appraise" 7"EP




TZN XENNA "Ścierwo" 7"EP




GOVERNMENT FLU "Singles collection" 12"EP


KAMI ADA "Resistencia libertad" 7"EP


NOOSE "Depraved indifference" 7"EP


THUGxLIFE "All eyez on you" 7"EP


TZN XENNA "1981-2011" 7"EP


BURST IN "1000słów" 12"EP


POISON PLANET "Boycott everything" 7"EP


DOUBLE VISION "Cold comfort" 7"EP




ANCHOR "Recovery" LP

Hailing from the punk, metal and hardcore hotbed of Sweden/Norway, Anchor bring a heavy, aggressive hardcore sound with howled vocals and devastating mosh parts, but not without its speed and urgency, taking cues from bands like Judge, Entombed, Skitsystem and Verse. Members have done time in The Smackdown, Balance, Dead Vows, Damage Control and Set My Path, and their message is one of compassion and awareness. Brand new full length "Recovery" is a natural progression from their previous work. The new ground entered with Relations of Violence (Refuse Records, 2009) has been further explored. The outcome is a record that sounds harder, filthier and yet more emotional than anything they done before.
11 new songs were recorded Studio Bengt in Lund, Sweden. Guest vocals by Sean Murphy (Verse) and Johan Hurtig (Balance). "Recovery" LP is coming out in a solid gatefold with a 12-page full color booklet.


BETWEEN EARTH & SKY "Of Roots and wings" 12" / CD

BETWEEN EARTH & SKY: a collection of five individuals bound together by a love for the writings of Ernest Becker and Samuel Beckett and endless amounts of vegan food have finally after nine long years managed to pull their personal lives together long enough to synthesize their perspectives on tragic experiences into a collection of songs infused with anguish and hope. Profoundly inspired by the inevitability of suffering, and the need to collect ourselves psychologically if we hope to ever be of any help to a world that so desperately calling for attention, action, and care, the members of BETWEEN EARTH & SKY delve deeply into irony by attempting to use powerful, yet melodic hardcore songs with insightful lyrics in a vain attempt to unravel their anxiety about the inevitability of their demise. Featuring a line up of experienced members (Greg Bennick, Alexei Rodriguez, and EJ Bastien of TRIAL and CATHARSIS; Sean Lande of STRAIN and BY A THREAD; and Happy Kreter of GOB). BETWEEN EARTH & SKY "Of roots and wings" LP contains 5 new songs and one instrumental recorded by Blair Calibaba (Strain, Trial) and Paul Forgues (Slayer, Hatebreed) in 2009 and 2010. CD version contains additional band interview and a song taken from "Power Of Ten" 7" (Excursion Records).


PRESSURE "Your rage" 7"EP

Pressure was formed in the Autumn of 2008. After years of playing together in Pointing Finger, missing the action and noticing the lack of new hardcore bands to open local shows, Pressure picks up where its members past bands left off, bursting an extremely powerful and emotional style of old-school straight edge hardcore with lots of sing-alongs and sincere lyrics. Following their demo, released also as a 7"EP, in the beginning of 2011 Pressure entered Dalma Productions Studio and recorded Your Rage EP, featuring 6 tracks of uncompromising old school hardcore, mostly pretty fast with heavy breakdowns and mosh-parts. The drums are loud, the vocals are pissed and fit perfectly with the crunchy sound of the guitars. No matter what the next trend in hardcore may be, Pressure doesn't care. If you like youth-crew, in your face old school hardcore, this will be right up your alley. Features members of bands like Pointing Finger, Broken Distance and Critical Point. For fans of Carry On, In My Eyes and Mouthpiece.
The EP was released on a coalition of Refuse Records with Demons Run Amok Records (Germany), Monument Records (Sweden) and Salad Days Records (Portugal).


NOTHING "Double dose of negativity" 12"

Although this band from Berlin is new, its members are far from newbies (features members of HIGHSCORE, MÖNSTER, HIGHSCORE, BOMBENALARM, NAILS, SITUATIONS to name a few). "double dose of negativity" is divided into 8 pills. It has the force of a full-length album where you can find some bits and pieces of former bands like POISON IDEA, NEGATIVE APPROACH and even a touch of NYC hardcore. It's a honest story about burn outs, lies, failures and growing old in a city where alternative culture are pushed out and brutalized by pseudo-artists, hipsters, trends and people celebrating their boredom and emptiness. It seems the youthful idealism of the 5 guys from Berlin is long gone but their passion, involvement and down to earth critical views are still here - stronger than ever.


APRIL "Kill depression" LP

Exactly four years after their final show all the songs recorded by this band from Zambrow, eastern Poland, will come out on a 12" vinyl. It will contain their both CD EPs previously released between 2001 – 2004. Sharing members with ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW, the band became one of the most valuable and respected outfits of this period. Their music is a great combination of fast, straightforward hc, old-school hc, touch of modern melodic hc and classic eastern european hcpunk sound. The intelligent and heartfelt lyrics focused on political and social issues. Their discography LP is a co-release between Refuse Records and April Kolektyw, No Pasaran Records, No Sanctuary Records and Pasazer Records.


COKE BUST "Degradation" 7"EP

Washington DC Straight Edge outfit - COKE BUST and their brand new 7" - on Refuse Records! Following their two 7"s and full length LP on Six Weeks Records, these 6 songs are mind blowing full-throttle raging non-stop hardcore assault influenced by the masters from Infest, Heresy, Ripcord and Youth Of Today that will leave you on your knees begging for more. Everyday bullshit going on personal and political levels fueled the fire in the lyrical content. Recorded by Kevin at Developing Nations Studios and mastered by Smok (Post Regiment fame) in As One studio.



After seventeen years, Złodzieje Rowerów from Zambrów, Poland are calling it quits, leaving behind three new songs as a farewell release. They were recorded in the "Hertz" studio in Białystok (Vader, Behemoth etc.) and are without doubt, the best sounding songs recorded by the band. A massive and powerful sound compliments the emotional intensity of the music and lyrics. For many, the band was, and always will be, synonymous with awareness, authenticity, honesty, and to-the-bone Hardcore Punk.
Zlodzieje Rowerow is recommended for anyone into the likes of Verbal Assault (and also Endpoint or Four Walls Falling), mid to late '80s DC Hardcore, and '80s/'90s HC Punk out of Poland with a strong, unique Eastern European vibe. This is a One-time pressing, strictly limited to 565 copies.


RIGHT IDEA "Right way" 7"EP

"Right way" contains 8 brand new songs of the Cleveland band. Expect a high-energy straight edge hardcore in the vein of Straight Ahead, No For An Answer, DYS or Youth Of Today. The positive energy, intensity and sing-a-long parts are all there, with the message of enthusiasm, hope and optimism. STRAIGHT EDGE 2010!



"Our way" CD is a collection of all the studio output recorded by the band. Its total 26 songs which originally appeared on the "Our World" 12" (React! Rec.), demo/7" (Refuse Rec), the newest single "Right way" 7" (Refuse), and also some unreleased tracks, incl. SSD, IRON CROSS, STRAIGHT AHEAD and YOUTH OF TODAY cover songs.


ANCHOR "Relations of violence" 7"EP

4 brand new songs of one of the most hard-working current bands in Europe. This Vegan Straight Edge HC band from Sweden already has done several European tours and recently a North American tour. This new 7" is following their "The Quiet Dance" full length on Refuse and Catalyst. It's a pleasure to work with them again for an exclusive release on Refuse Records and it really might be their best stuff they’ve done so far. "Relations of Violence" brings a darker, but also more intense approach to what the band has done before. There's still a strong 90's hardcore influence in there, but we can definitely also hear some influences from the best cuts of Swedish hardcore punk history. It's all served up in original and unique way, sounding like a perfect combination with a powerful impact where message and content is still important - "2009, still fighting to speak our minds, staying afloat when masses are kept down".


RIGHT IDEA "Right Idea" 7"EP

Cleveland Straight Edge! Many of you have already heard this band on their great debut "Our World" 12" on React! Records (repressed now as a 7" on Bottled Up Records in the States). This new Right Idea 7" on Refuse Records contains five remastered songs that originally appeared on their demo. Some of the members of the band have been a part of several sXe oriented bands during the last couple of years including COMMITTED and also NAMES FOR GRAVES - who did a 7" for Refuse Records in 2005. We're excited to work with these guys again and their 7" is a great release that we have to offer to the world. This band has a lot of spirit and brings new meaning to the old school style positive approach. They also bring fast, sharp, direct, hard-hitting, and to the point songs in the vein of Straight Ahead or No For An Answer.


S.B.V. "Swallow the pill" 7"EP

The long time anticipated brand new 7" of S.B.V., out of San Diego, California. For all those who never heard this great band - imagine a modern day version of Unity, Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds, or Dag Nasty played with so much heart and a positive vibe. Definitely extra points for their meaningful, thoughtful lyrics claiming "Music as a weapon - not just entertainment" (a line from an older song of theirs, but the attitude applies to their entire output); social, personal or scene-related issues well-written in an interesting and often humorous way. SBV started in 2002 and so far they have released a full length LP on Mankind Records and a couple of 7 inchers. The new 7" contains 6 songs. S.B.V. stands for SILENT BUT VIOLENT, and we can assure you that you should expect the opposite from this rad band!


SEASICK "Ennui" 7"EP

Straight out of New Brunswick, NJ, SEASICK have worked hard to carve out a thick solid chunk of respect within the hardcore punk community. They pack a socially relevant punch that will make you question the world around you as well as the face reflected in your mirror. Philosophical lyrics filtered through the human element are backed by dead stop breakdowns and a neck snapping rhythm that will move you if you have a pulse. Their unique style, which is influenced by such former NJ bands as Endeavor, The Degenerics and Tear It Up, gets together in a flawless fury that truly carries it's own weight.


GOVERNMENT FLU "Fuck poetics" 7"EP
GOVERNMENT FLU "Fuck poetics+Demo 2008" MCD



Polish GOVERNMENT FLU (Warsaw) started in 2008 and their debut was one of the very best releases on local scene. The members of the band are well known individuals who have played throughout the years in many bands incl. KNIFE IN THE LEG, BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE BLACK TAPES, SIX PACK, DAYMARES or SUNRISE. Years of experience lead them straight to an uncompromising sound influenced by early 80s hardcore with their own approach and vibe - fast, tight and rockin'. MRR sez: "Each song here is killer straight-up punk thrash, much in the same realm as DIRECT CONTROL, or CITIZENS PATROL. The USHC influence is strong. These guys are keeping Poland on the map". CD contains songs from both 7"s on Refuse Records - "Fuck poetics" and "Demo 2008" (sold out) and additional Black Flack cover. Total 17 songs. ("Fuck poetics" 7" : limited version - 4 euro / $5; regular version - 3,5 euro / $4,5 "Demo 2008" 7" regular version - 3,5 euro / $4,5 (first press almost is almost sold out) "Fuck poetics + Demo 2008" MCD 5 euro / $7).


V/A "Warsaw Is Burning" 7"EP

This is a local compilation with the current hardcore punk bands from Warsaw, Poland. It contains 8 songs, previously unreleased (except one) of the particular bands: BURST IN, GOVERNMENT FLU, THE BLACK TAPES, EL BANDA and defunct SIX PACK (song was previously released on their hard to find demo. "Warsaw is Burning" comp. is an one-time pressing of 520 copies on red vinyl. Limited edition copy available with different cover in pe-order. Co-release with Emancypunx Records.


ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW "...Gdy wrzala krew 1995-1999" CD

ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW started in 1993 in a small town in North East Poland, Zambrow. They were influenced not only by the rich Polish hardcore punk history of the ‘80s and early ‘90s but also by the more emotionally driven mid and late ‘80s hardcore bands from Washington DC, most of all Verbal Assault, who played in Poland in the late ‘80s and and have had a great impact on the band up till now. From the start the band has gained their own individuality and worked hard on their message focused on social, political and personal issues. Since their debut tape in 1996 they have been strongly related to Refuse Records and after years, hundreds of shows and a couple of releases they became one of the most important bands in Poland with a legendary status. This CD compiles their debut tape from 1996, a couple of songs released on compilations and limited tape releases of the band and also a recording session from 1997 originally intended to be a EP but in the end never going on release. The total 23 songs are released in digipack with a 16pgs booklet.


BLANK STARE “Blank Stare” 12"EP

Boston Straight Edge Hardcore strikes back, and after 3 7” releases on labels like Third Party and Refuse, they're bringing 12” format to the world with more songs of rage and fury that put this band to higher-level of intensity. “Fuck your life” is an opening song and the rest of the them will keep you awake and makes you think twice about your own existence and world around you. No sweet tunes, no catchy riffs and no friendly words. 9 Brand new songs of the powerful raging and pissed off hardcore with some slower and heavier late Black Flag-ish parts and LAST RIGHTS cover at the end to make a point. Current and ex-members of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and SOCIAL CIRCKLE if anyone cares. Impressive killer 12” out of this Boston band, so be warned - it will blow up on your stereo. Limited edition on blue vinyl (198 copies), regular edition on black vinyl.


DISCARGA "Musica pra guerra" LP

Brazil's legendary thrashers are back with the brand new full length contains 19 tracks and does not let up in the ferocity and anger that Discarga is known for. Discarga, a three-piece, straightforward socio-political band bring fastcore played with rage. This is a breath-taking intense as hell speed played with perfectly executed precision where there is no place for monotony or lack of energy and passion. Taking influences from what was the best from South American and European Hardcore history, Discarga's sound remained original and unique with their non-stop assault and charisma. Well established in the international hardcore community with their 10 years of existence, three european tours and solid previous releaseas on labels like 625, Laja or Peculio and contains current and ex-memmbers of POINT OF NO RETURN, RATOS DE PORAO and O INIMIGO.
Limited edition available on yellow vinyl (200 copies), regular edition on black vinyl.
Second press available w/ english translations of the lyrics.


GO! "Your power means nothing" 7"EP

This is a limited re-issue of the second 7” release of this classic NYHC band, originally released on Kingfish Records in 1990. Original pressings were long gone and hard-to-find so this the chance to get a copy and listen 11 brilliant songs recorded by Don Fury of fast, short and positive hardcore with heartful and aware lyrics. Don't hesitate to get a copy until it's available and get excited with us all with this piece of brighter part of NYHC being in stock again. Available on white and black vinyl.


BIRDS OF A FEATHER "The Past The Present" LP + "The Past The Present 1982-2007: a History of 25 Years of European Straight Edge" BOOK
BIRDS OF A FEATHER "The Past The Present" CD

All-star Straight Edge Hardcore band from Holland w/ members of Mainstrike, Manliftingbanner, Crivits, Betray and editor of "Value Of Strength" Magazine. Watch out for 80-ies style, youth crew sing-along hardcore, bringing an ever urgent message for a positive lifestyle and a better society.With the same drive to get out the message as in the 80-ies and 90-ies. To show that straight edge is not "a passing phase". To show that hardcore is not a passing phase. To prove that our ideals still matter, and still need work. Right then and right now. "The Past The Present" contains 13 songs recorded by Menno Baker in Bunt Studios in Holland and mastering was done by West West Side Music, NY, USA. The LP version of Birds Of A Feather’s album "The Past The Present" also includes the book "The Past The Present - a history of European Straight Edge 1982-2007". 108 pages and over 250 photos documenting the straight edge scene in Europe (by Marc Hanou and Jean Paul Frijns).


ANCHOR "The quiet dance" LP

Political Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore from Sweden. It's definitely one of the highlights of the Swedish HC scene in recent years, consist past and current members of such rad bands like DAMAGE CONTROL, SET MY PATH, SMACKDOWN, ANOTHER YEAR or GERILJA. Their sound is influenced by 90's sXe hardcore bands like Trial, Unbroken, Mouthpiece or Refused, but it can also appeal for fans of such current bands like Verse or Haveheart. They're definitely on their own terms with the sound and their message of compassion and awareness. Hard-working band with impressive amount of the shows on their backs. They can ranks high among the best european hardcore acts right now! CD version was out on Catalyst Records in the Usa.
Limited edition available on white vinyl (127 copies), regular on black vinyl.


THE CORPSE "Fight against rules" CD

THE CORPSE were pioneers of hardcore thrash in Poland. They're started in 1985 and their classic "Fight against rules" demo released in 1988 was a milestone in the history of the Polish HC/Punk scene. Their massive aggressive sound was unique and unexpected in Eastern European bloque. Their perfectly executed Hardcore Thrash Crossover were influenced by bands like Discharge, Accused, Attitude Adjustment and Poland's Moskwa. It's all give lots of controversies and they were rejected by many punk traditionalists. At the same moment they were like starting point for more DIY oriented, self-aware hardcore scene that exploded in Poland in the late 80's with network of contacts and the great amount of bands like U.O.M., H.C.P., Od Jutra, Nadzor, Trybuna Brudu, Chaos, Political Vermin to name a few. Original demo was sold in a few thousand of copies on international level. They got lots of attention from worldwide scene thanx to tape-trading and interview in MRR. They got several offers of international tours and some vinyl releases but due of problems of some of the members with obligatorymilitary service in communist Poland their possibilities were strictly limited.
Until now, The Corpse never appeared on a legit record release. This is CD contains songs from their best period from 1988-1989. Released in digi-pack packaging with 20 page booklet with the lyrics, biography, band interview and tons of old pictures.


V/A "Back From The Dead – 4 Way Split CD

A Straight Edge Hardcore compilation contains four bands from Poland into youth crew and old school / modern hardcore that were active in the recent years: SECOND AGE (aka The Age) – their final recordings followed up “the Tides Have Turned” Cd on Refuse Records and released on “The Age” 7” on Commitment Records. They were the best old school sXe sounding band around and their music was compared to old classics like Youth To Today to modern classics like Champion or Betrayed; CRUSH ALL FAKES - old school/modern hardcore that started after demise of 33 Rotations, INSURRECTION - straight edge hardcore with influences from 90's new school HC like Undertow, Unbroken, Outspoken and Strife mixed with some old school HC sounding bands like Mouthpiece etc.; X'S ALWAYS WIN – remastered songs from their demo, old school sounding straight edge HC in the vein of In My Eyes, Carry On and Count Me Out with members of Second Age, Cymeon X and Apatia. 26 songs and 12-page booklet that makes you aware of one of the best SxE / Hardcore bands in Poland in the last few years.



Political Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore Punk from Praha, Czech Republic. Throughout the years members of the bands were active in several bands like BALACLAVA, DREAD 101, EXEKUCE and X-WING and SPES EREPTA is a result coming out of them and become outlet to their wide musical interests and individuality. Their sound is perhaps more closer to the bands like Victims or From Ashes Rise than to any typical sXe hardcore band, and this is reflects their statement, DIY hardcore punk spirit, and not following the trends and cliché – as who said that views like straight edge or veganism have to be related with certain sounds. You can go wrong with songs like “Distort Praha”! Lyrically, Spes Erepta is outspoken politically band who cares about important issues from veganism and animal rights, to politics, anarchism, with strongly anti-fascist stance. Members of the bands are active in several collectives and organisations and their lyrics reflects their commitment and dedication.. Their first full length CD contains new songs as well as the songs previously released on debut 7” and compilations. It contains also spoken word “Abolitionism and anarchy in the protections of animals” by Michal Kolesar from Realita.Tv organisation. “Minutova Terapie” is a co-release w/ Mates Prokop Rec. (Czech Republic)



THESE HANDS ARE FISTS was started in 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal by members of important and well known outside of their local scene but defunct straight edge/hardcore bands like NEW WINDS, TIME X (both related with Refuse Records) and FIGHT FOR CHANGE. “Peace is bad for business” is their debut release, contains 8 powerful, tight, hard-hitting songs of the great sounding old school style straight edge hardcore. Their songs have enough structure and originality with fast tempos, breaks and melodic parts, no doubts they have their own individuality and charisma. As their previous bands were known from being politically outspoken, THAF continue with the “Straight Edge is Politics – Hardcore is Resistance” message speaking about social/political issues, promoting veganism / vegetarianism and drug-free lifestyle. CD release incl. 12-page booklet with the lyrics, comments and great artwork.


GO! "What we build together" "7"EP

GO! is a positive New York Hardcore band originally from 1989 to 1991 period. Among the bands like LIFE'S BLOOD, BORN AGAINST or CITIZENS ARREST they were integral part of DIY side of NYHC scene in those days. They were known from their fast, short and positive HC songs with lyrics focused on personal/political issues, caring about social and environmental awareness, confronting anti- racism, sexism, homophobia, violence at shows in their lyrics and supportive to all-ages shows, equality for women, equal rights and respect for gay and lesbian people, essentially having respect for other people in general.
Back then they managed to release a couple of great 7"s and discography lp/cd, did US and european tour . Last year they're came back after years with "Reactive" 7" keeping their values and sounds from the past to present. "What we build together" 7" is a brand new release contains 9 songs (including two new versions of their old song "You'll say you'll", this time in German and Hebrew versions). There's three limited versions out of the first press available on black, orange and yellow vinyls, so ask for details.
"What we build together" 7" is a co-release between Refuse Records, Go! and Stress To Death Records from Italy


HOODS UP "Arms still open" "MCD

Debut CDEP of this straight edge hardcore band from Hamburg, Germany. Their music is pounding high energy old school / youth crew hardcore influenced by bands like Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, The First Step, In My Eyes, Chain Of Strength or Ten Yard Fight. No doubt, they're bringing back positive spirit and important issues with their lyrics from vegetarianism to social, personal and scene related ones. 6-song 7" vinyl version is out now on Commitment Records from Holland. CD version on Refuse contains 5 more songs, 4 of them released on their sold out demotape and unreleased Hands Tied cover. New recordings was done in legendary Bunt Studios by Menno Baker. It's definitely one of the most promising debut of european straight edge HC recently.



SEEIN' RED/F.P.O. "Split" "CD

SEEIN'RED is one of the most important European band ever and their commitment and dedication to the political DIY hardcore punk scene is priceless. They're also pioneers of straight-edge in Europe since the days of the legendary LARM. During all these years, their members have been active in some others bands too like MANLIFTINGBANNER, PROFOUND, COLT TURKEY, KRIEGSTANZ and recently STAATHAAT.
Their part of the CD include 15 unreleased songs recorded throughout the years, studio, outtakes and some live tracks, including 3 cover songs: LARM, RONDOS and CARBOMB. Fast raging political hardcore as its best. F.P.O. is a fast straight-edge hc/thrash band from Macedonia and this is their new recording following their latest full length CD "Znam deka ja gubam bitkata" on Refuse and some other labels, and recent 7"s on Third Party and Punx Before Profits. They grew up in different times and much different place than their older comrades from the split, but the spirit and dedication to the DIY hardcore punk scene remains the same. FPO put on the disc just one but massive anthemic song. The CD also contains 28 minutes video recordings from both bands and also 20 page booklet filled with lyrics, pics and also writings/essays from both bands and the label speaking about their own lives, experiences and perspectives from living in Western and Eastern European countries, politics and hardcore punk - to make this release even more powerful in content.


THE TANGLED LINES "Wash the shit off!" 7"EP

This Dresden, Germany based band managed to release second release already on our label followed split 7" with Dick Cheney. New 7" contains 8 of fast high-energy songs and no doubt is their best release so far! On their new release, The Tangled Lines continue with their powerful sounding female fronted hardcore mixing up old school HC, youth crew, crossover and thrash with so much positive approach, good and intelligent personal, scene related and social message with lots of good humor. First pressing of euro release is available on white vinyl. 200 copies from the first press are available on limited edition version with different cover on red, dark red, grey, blue, orange, yellow and green).



LETS GROW "Disease Of Modern Times; LP / CD

#040 After some years of activity and two 7"s released on US labels like 625 and Know Records, this band from Belgrade, Serbia managed to release their full length album. This is no bullshit, high-energy, great sounding hardcore, taking the best elements of fast US 80's hardcore with good examples of european hardcore without any re-hash and not being stucked in the past. This how real hardcore should sound in 2006, with very good sound, fast tempos but also good amount of diversities in their songs, to keep them kicking through all the 14 songs on the recordings. Yet, this band have definitely lots of attitudes and important things to say. CD version released in ccopeartion with Ha-Ko Bastards (Serbia) and Brand New Place (Croatia). LP released as a cooperation with Thrashbastard Records from Germany. 100 copies out of the first press are released on clear vinyl.



BLANK STARE "The Refuse Records Seven Inch" 7"EP

BLANK STARE is a powerful straight edge hardcore band from Boston. Their new 7"EP on Refuse Records contains 3 ripping songs with great thought-provoking lyrics. This is their third release, following a self-released debut 7" and a second 7" on Third Party Records in the US. Punching fast tempo hardcore with inredible amount of rage and energy with their own character. Leading with strong and angry pissed off vocals. Sounds like energy of Youth Of Today is mixed with guitar works coming from early days of Poison Idea with strong appearance of the good tradition of Boston Hardcore from the 80’s and fits well with more modern North American bands like Cut The Shit, Haymaker, No Time Left or Dead Nation – but with strong individuality out there. Extra point for good, direct and meaningful lyrics, targeting „not so popular and easy” issue in Hardcore like questioning violence, sexism and objectification of women (through language or porn pornography bullshit). Blank Stare is definitely a band from you can have high-expectations, both in the music and lyrical content.
First press on black, second press on clear vinyl.



NEW WINDS "This Fire these words 1996-2006" CD

This is special CD release for the 10th year anniversary of this outspoken political straight edge hardcore band from Portugal. Yet, at the same time this their goodbye release. It contains remastered 30 songs previously released on hard or impossible to find previous releases of the ,band (before "A Spirit Filled Revolution") from their debut 7", "For those Who Believe" cd, "Refusing to live by your lies" cd, some comp. tracks and also 3 never released before songs (including "Use Your Head" by UNIFORM CHOICE). Great document of the band history filled with 24 page booklet with the lyrics and stories from the band.



NEW WINDS "A Spirit Filled Revolution" LP+BOOK/CD+BOOK

This is one of the most important release on Refuse Records. New, 3rd full length album of this great Political Vegan Straight Edge band from Portugal. Passionate, radical, intelligent, impressive music and message keepin' politicalXedge still alive. Their music is based on great sounding melodic old style hardcore with lots of varietys with lots of different elements and influences to make it interesting and unpredicted. Their message is strongly focused on political and social issues, from veganism and animal liberation to social struggles, political prisonersand worldwide cultures of resistance. For New Winds, Hardcore is definitely more than music and this release proved that: as it contains cd with the 170-page book with all the lyrics of the band, explanations, writings of political prisoners, articles, poems, contributions about politics, injustice, culture of resistance, animal liberation and other important issues.
(150 copies out of the first press on red vinyl)
(CD - Third press available)



FPO "Znam Deka Ja Gubam Bitkata" CD

F.P.O. means FOREVER POSITIVELY OBSESSED and this is the very first straight edge hardcore band coming from Macedonia (former part of republic of Yugoslavia). Fast and political oriented hardcore with strong DIY approach. This CD is a collection of 18 songs taken from various vinyl releases like 7" on ThirdxParty Records, split 7" w/ I Object and comps like "6 way split", "Macedonian Barbaric Thrash Detonation" (625) and "Brand New Place 2". Including one never ,released before song. CD release in cooperation with Dhpak47 Records (Croatia), Brand New Place Records (Croatia), HC Records (Macedonia), Obsolete Man (Macedonia) and Junk Kola (Macedonia).



REGRES "W naszych dloniach" MCD

Brand new release of one of the best and honest bands in Poland. 9 songs of driving, passionate and fast positive hardcore songs. No fashion parade, no bullshits and no second rate copycats. Now sounding more powerful than ever.




This is full length-release from this Los Angeles band. After two 7's and two split 7"s we have it here thirteen brand new songs that have more influences of more anthemic and melodic early 80's punk and hardcore, but still with fast and thrash hardcore parts. You can expect lots of youthful expression and energy coming out of this record. Their lyrics covering personal and social issues, not forgetting about some humor and passions of the band members – skateboarding and records collecting. All the songs were recorded in LA by Craig Ums (What Happens Next?).
CD version contains eight bonus songs. Seven of them are taken from "Only Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time" 7"ep (including Heresy cover) and one coming from the same session, previously never released.
(Co-released with 625 Productions and Punx Before Profits Records, USA)




THE TANGLED LINES (Dresden, Germany) is a female fronted powerful blasting fast hardcore, having elements of old school hardcore, youth crew and positive hc with fast thrash beats and melodic parts. Stick to their beliefs and DIY ethics, their message contains social/political, antifascist (with the songs like "Hitler is dead") and scene related issues with good dose of humor and fun. Their side contains 4 songs including Gorilla Biscuits coversong. DICK CHENEY (Umea, Sweden) is their debut release on vinyl, contains 6 songs of the early 80's influenced hardcore sound with fast tempos and thrashy sound. If you're into traditional hardcore sound you should not miss them. Umea Hardcore still kicks ass. (First press released on orange vinyl. 80 copies out of the first press released as a limited version w/ different cover, only available through mailorder).



NAMES FOR GRAVES "Version 2.1" 7" EP

Cleveland Straight Edge! Started from the ashes of Commited, In The Red and The Final Plan. Keeping the spirit of fast positive straight edge-hardcore alive. Names For Graves deliver heartfelt and passionate old school hardcore with enough hooks, melodies and dance parts. One of the new promising bands - don't hesitate to check them out. Their 7” contains 5 songs, mastered by Mr. Issa Diao in The Black House Studion, Washington DC. (First press released on red vinyl. 150 copies out of the first press released as a limited version w/ different cover, only available through mailorder).



NO VIOLENCE "Invencivel" MCD

Fast political straight edge hardcore from Sao Paolo, Brazil. They started in 1989 and they're still kicking ass band after years. Along the PERSONAL CHOICE they were first Brazilian bands into sXe thing, but at the same time dedicated to DIY and political hardcore/punk ethics. Strong, fast thrashy hardcore with old school hc elements - that's how they sounding after years, taking no compromises! You can easily put them to the same league with others Brazilian fast hardcore bands like Discarga or I Shot Cyrus. If you can imagine Heresy and Larm crossed with South American fast hardcore tradition, and longtime commitment of the band, that's No Violence. 17 songs included cover of the late 80's UK band Intense Degree. In a good tradition of Brazilian HC - No Violence mixing music and politics, and they lyrics focused on such issues like indigenous resistance, US imperial wars, social injustice and worker's rights or slavery to corporate capitalism. After split 7" on Sound Pollution, two split 7"s/mcds (with X-Acto and Abuso Sonoro), full length CD and couple of demos, here's the brand new release. CD contains 16 pgs. booklet with the lyrics and english translations. South American version released on Cospe Fogo Gravacoes.



CHAMPION "Promises kept" MC

Cassette version of the masterpiece full length release on Bridge Nine Records. This is truly great sounding fast and positive straight edge hardcore. Top class of today's US Hardcore.



CHAMPION "Time slips away" MC

Seattle Straight Edge Hardcore as it's best. Definitely one of the best of this genre nowadays. This release is a tape version of the CD released on Join The Team Player, contains first two singles of Champion - "Come out swinging" on Phyte/Bridge Nine and "Count our numbers" on Bridge Nine. 13 tracks included Alone In A Crowd and Dag Nasty coversongs.



V/A "Noc Walpurgii 1996-2002" "From Somewhere In The East" CD

This compilation is released cooperation with Emancypunx Records/Collective. All the songs were recorded on the antisexist/antihomophobic festival "Noc Walpurgii" we organized since 1996 in Poland and contains the punk and HC bands played in previous years: ANTICHRIST (Poland), DIASPORA (Finland),DULDUNG (Poland), GERONIMO (Poland), GUERNICA Y LUNO (Poland), HARUM-SCARUM (USA), HIGHSCORE (Germany), HISTERIA (Poland), HOMOMILITIA (Poland), LADY! DIE (Holland), LIFE CYCLE (Belgium), LORENA & THE BOBBITS (Germany), N.K.D. (Germany), OIL (Holland), PIEKLO KOBIET (Poland), POST REGIMENT (Poland), RE-SISTERS (Switzerland), SANCTUS IUDA (Poland), SCATTERGUN (Germany), SILIKONFEST (Poland), WHITE RABBIT (Poland), ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW (Poland). It contains 20-pgs booklet with writings about the festival and ideas behind and lyrics of the bands. 24 songs of the 22 bands and almost 73 minutes of music.



JULIETTE "From Somewhere In The East" CD

Juliette is definitely one of the highlights in the polish HC scene. Started in the late 90's and after several shows and demo-release they managed to release their own full length CD. Some of the band members were into some important Polish bands as Antichrist or 33 Rotations, but Juliette can be used as a sort of ex this or that band, and it was enough known and respected on their own. This is great sounding and incredibly emotionally driven hardcore that can makes your heart bleeding. There is no any wimpy and pretentious crap here - this guys are involved in DIY and hardcore punk since years and their music is influences on more serious emotional hardcore bands as Policy of 3, Portraits Of Past, Iconoclast or European bands like Undone, Finger Print, Shatter The Myth or Anomie. They've been compared also to some modern sounding bands like Majority Rule, Circle Takes The Square, Funeral Diner or Envy. Their lyrics are focused on personal issues with some social and political context. 7-song CD, released in digi-pack and contains 16-pgs booklet.



HIGHSCORE "Unsuspecting actors in a bad soap opera" MC

Great raging political old school hardcore from Germany and their second full length album. More angry and faster than ever. This is cassette release of the lp and cd released in Germany thru Stereodrive Records, x625x Records in Usa and Liberation Records in Brazil.



REGRES "Punk Rock Pozytyw" CD

In the late 90's Hardcore scene in Poland have been completely dominated by Tough Guy and Metal Mosh sounding bands. There was almost anything else left until bands like Second Age put back some old school hardcore spirit and good message to the scene. Some months later some other bands started like Regres or Only Way Out with the similar vision on Hardcore. After hard working years Regres became one of the most important bands in Poland and they have enough guts to overcome any scene divisions and makes their music attractive for different crowds of the Hardcore/Punk circles. They were always claiming that straight edge and hardcore shouldn't be separate from other Punk and HC fractions. Their music is fast positive old school sounding hardcore with some Polish 80's and early 90's HC sounding influences, and it's make them original sounding band in the ocean of worldwide old school HC bands. Message is equally important taking some personal, scene related and social issues. The CD contains 14-songs and intro, included 12-pgs booklet with lyrics and english translations.



I SHOT CYRUS "Complete Discography 1997-2001" CD 25,-

Great ultra fast sXe hardcore band from Sao Paolo, Brazil with members active since years in such bands as hardcore scene as Point Of No Return, Infect, No Violence, Newspeak and legendary Ratos De Porao! This is absolutely no-bullshit great sounding very fast raging thrashy hardcore with incredible amount of anger, passion and fury directed to all the evils of the world, taking no enemies and no compromises. This is the uncompromising statement that Hardcore is resistance, that can only come from the third world country perspective. Their lyrics are direct furious assault on corporate capitalism, imperial wars, US domination in the third world countries, cops, religion or rapists/women abusers. If you think that Hardcore nowadays is watered down, lacking substance, anger and message, try this. This release contains their recordings since 1997 to 2001, some of them for a first time released and most of them previously released on two split 7"s and compilations between 2000 and 2003 and also two bonus songs taken from "Tiranus" LP/CD on 625 Records from US. 21 songs with SSD coversong. Contains 8-pgs booklet. (second press available)



BETERCORE "Youthcrust Discography!!" CD

Dutch Hardcore was always one of the best in Europe since early 80's. No surprise here as it's hometown of the one of the best bands ever such as Larm, B.G.K, Seein' Red or Manliftingbanner as well as many others. Years after years next generations taken the torch of the good fast sounding hardcore. When late 90's big wave of positive / old school hardcore flooded Dutch land, there was also many new bands started into more faster hardcore, joining ranks with the old time veterans from Seein' Red. Betercore was one of the best of them, trying to overcome any ridiculous divisions in the hardcore / punk scenes. Bands contains both straight edge kids and older anarchopunx (like Billi, ex-singer of Boycot), and their music was also influenced by some different genres from fast raging thrash hardcore, youth crew hardcore to rapid hc/punk or even some crustcore. This is how they bring the term "Youthcrust". How it sound? It's a blasting wild fire driven by incredible fast hardcore with two screaming angry vocalists shouting their guts about politics, DIY spirit, multinationals, Dutch monarchy and Soy milk! How you can ask for more? Betercore was used to take some serious issues but never forgot about bringing some fun elements in their message. Punk is verzet - punk is resistance, how they used to claim! "Youthcrust discography!!" contains 29 songs recorded between 1998 and 2001 and released on split 7"s with Boycot, Point Of Few and Olho De Gato and several compilations, and there's included one unreleased song. Bonus song is a cover of Betercore song by Fast Game from Malaysia. Contains 20pgs booklet and 20 minutes video from their live sets! (second press available)



VITAMIN X "Now it’s our turn" MC

Well known Dutch XXX fastcore heroes with their special tape-release containing "See Thru Their Lies" lp, "People That Bleed" 7" and comp. track. 30 songs of uncompromising fast political straight edge HC. Definitely one of the best bands nowadays in Europe. 


V/A "Take No Heroes" CD

This is released as a international co-release with some others friendly and dedicated labels like Boisleve (France), In My Heart (Spain), El Trasgo (France), We're Gonna Fight (France), Kid For Life (Belgium), Heart On Fire (Belgium) and Take 4 Collective (Philippines). It contains songs of the 10 worldwide fast, old school hardcore bringing positive and political message from 4 continents: CITA ATTIEKSME (Latvia), CRICKBAT (Spain), FEUD (Philippines), MUTINY (USA), NO VIOLENCE (Brazil), ONLY WAY OUT (Poland), POINTING FINGER (Portugal), RAZLOG ZA (Croatia), SECOND COMBAT (Malaysia), SINCERITY (Germany). Most of the songs were never released on any other format. 39 songs and 72 minutes! Pretty collective effort of the international DIY Hardcore community!



TIME X "Good moves not good players" 7"EP

Final release of this great band from Lisbon , Portugal. 8-song 7" of positive, political and pissed off youth crew-ish straight edge hardcore. Probably their best release and probably one of the best straight edge hardcore release from Southern Europe. Time X was one of the leading bands out of this country, getting great feedback in international hardcore scene, and having few other 7" releases included some splits with bands like Over My Dead Body, Bloodpact and Seize The Day on labels like Phyte Records in US and some European ones. As for the straight edge band, they were focused on many other issues than just drug-free lifestyle and scene related issues, and they bring political awareness with the songs about injustice, worker's rights, direct action or veganism. After demise of Time X, some of the band members were active in other important Portugal bands as Day Of The Dead, Pointing Finger, Mad Rats or 33 at 45. 7"EP contains lyric sheet w/ poster, and sheet with explanations. One of this 8 songs is a DYS coversong. There's limited 25 copies version with different cover. (very last copies, not available for wholesale or trade!)
Contains lyric sheet w/ poster and also lyric explanations.




Latest release of one of the most important band in Poland, active since 10 years. Their music have deep roots in late 80’s emotive DC hardcore and bands like Verbal Assault. It mixed with some faster intense songs and some slower, emotive sounding songs. It’s definitely not any pretentious crap about broken hearts in college somewhere in Florida. I mean, this is great sounding emotive hardcore, mixing hardcore and serious emotions and passionate, personal, social and political lyrics. In Poland they have opinion of having one of the best lyrics. Band commited to true DIY spirit since years. All their lyrics in polish, which makes them even more unique with comparison to others “emo” bands; release contains english translations.




New polish sXe hardcore band with their debut release. Old school hardcore with the original and unique sound.



SECOND AGE "The tides have turned" CD / MC

This is the band responsible for bringing back positive music and message into Polish Hardcore, flooded by generic metal and tough sounding hardcore bands of the late 90's. After their debut MCD release on Sanctuary Records they hooked up with Refuse Records, how could be different? We both shared long time friendship and cooperation on many levels to keep the true hardcore spirit alive in our shithole country. Their full length release is one of the best old school and straight edge hardcore release coming from this part of Europe. Fast, angry, and still some melodic old school hardcore in the vein of some classic sXe bands like Youth Of Today or late 90's era bands like Commited. They bring back positive message into straight edge hardcore but also they focused on some personal and also social/political issues, written in good intelligent way. After the full length, the band managed to release 7" on great and well known Dutch label Commitment Records and few months later definitely split up, after 7 years of existing... They'll be missed, but they left some recordings you should definitely check. Don't be ignorant, good bands you can find not only in US and Western Europe, and Second Age proved that many times. 12-song CD, included lyric sheets with explanations. Included coversong of Youth Of Today (last copies - not available on wholesale or trades!)



GOOD CLEAN FUN "Straight Outta Hardcore" MC

The latest 12" of this Washington DC Straight Edge outfit with lots of homour and positivity. "Let's Go Crazy" 7" included as a bonus songs. Youth Of Today cover is here too.



V/A "More Than The X On Our Hands" 2x MC

Cassette repress of the compilation released originally as 7” box set on Commitment Records from Holland Great document of international sXe scene with 41 bands from 41 countries: ACCION POSITIVA (mexico), THE ANSWER IS STILL NO (yugoslavia), BLIND TO SEE (indonesia), BURDEN (canada), B'67 (russia), CIRCLE AGAIN (north ireland), CLEAN (croatia), CON VISION (columbia), CROSSINGPOINT (south africa), D.S.M. (new zeland), EVIDENCIA (costarica), FAST YOUTH (denmark), FEUD (philippines), FUERZA DE VOLUNTAD (chile), FUERZA X (guatemala), THE GEEKS (south korea), GOOD CLEAN FUN (usa), H-STREET (austria), INSPIRE (brazil), IN THE CLEAR (uk), MATCHPOINT (switzerland), NEGATIVE IMPACT (israel), NEW BREED (slovenia), NEW WINDS (portugal), ONEXMORE (belgium), OUT OF STEP (australia), PURPURA (urugway), RED KEDGE (singapore), RESOURCES (hungary), SECOND AGE (poland), SELF DEFENSE (malaysia), SLOWDOWN (spain), STRENGTH APPROACH (italia), STRIKEPOINT (norway), TILL I DIE (japan), TURNOVER (germany), TRUNCHBULL (sweden), UNDERFIRE (czech), UNEVEN (france), VIEJA ESCUELA (argentina), VITAMIN X (holland). Contains 60 pgs booklet with articles on straight edge (Robert Commitment), and how it started in the early 80’s (Ian Mackaye), lyrics of the bands, lots of pictures...



ONLY WAY OUT "Only Way Out" 7"EP / MC

Only Way Out was a band based in Refuse Records hometown, Warsaw - alongside with Second Age and Regres being part of positive and socially aware part of the Polish Straight Edge Hardcore Punk scene. They were faster than other bands, trying to mix youth crew sounding hardcore with faster tempos and some Polish hardcore influences from the late 80's and early 90's. Their lyrics was critical views on scene related issues and political nature. They managed to release just one 7" and put some songs on the "Take No Heroes" comps, and after four years of activity and many shows they 're finally split up. Their 7" have a special place for the label, as it's first vinyl release on Refuse Records. 10-song 7"EP, included Cymeon X coversong - band responsible for explosion of straight edge thing in Poland in the early 90's. Lyric sheet included. There's limited version - 50 copies on blue vinyl, available only via mailorder. Cassette release contains 6 bonus tracks, one studio track - 7 Seconds coversongs and 5 live tracks. (last copies - not available on wholesales or trades!)

Tape version contains six bonus songs: 7 Seconds cover song and 5 live songs.




Fast, high energy, intensive youth crew straight edge hardcore from Holland. Definitely one of the best european band. In last few years."The Conflict" tape contains their first full length lp, two split 7"s, one compilation song and live recordings. Total 33 songs with Youth Of Today, Manliftingbanner and Sick Of It All coversongs.



BLOODPACT "(A)bastardization" MC

Cassette release of their limited edition cd containing songs from debut ep, split lp w/ Varsity, comp. and unreleased tracks. 22 very fast songs of pissed off and political straight edge hardcore from Michigan. Chokehold and Black Flag covers here. Tape contains 24 pgs booklet.



GOOD CLEAN FUN "On the streets saving the scene from the forces of evil" MC

2nd full-length of this Washington DC Positive XXX Hardcore outfit.




First full length CD of this band from Poland. Pretty emotive sounding but with some more straightforward hardcore songs and deep into DIY punk spirit. Great lyrics with personal touch about social/political situation in Poland and Eastern Europe, economy downfall, poverty, drugs, and great anthemic antifascist song "All different all equal”. Contains 12 pgs booklet with lyrics translated into english, german and spanish!



SPINELESS "…A Talk between me and the stars" MC

Cassette release of the album released on Sober Mind Records, belgian H-8000 straight edge hardcore, sounding bit different than other bands in this period. It was much more emotive but still very heavy.



PURE "No one proper way" CD / MC

Alongside with this release, Refuse Records started to be more serious thing. After some years of running small tape label and distribution/mailorder service, booking shows etc we managed to release first record release. In the mid 90's straight edge scene in Poland started being more close minded, extremist and conservative. Big wave of hardline bands, zines, and individuals show up (probably as much any other European scene!) and lot's of X'ed kids with their moralist, purist views on abortion, homosexuality or moral issues. At the same great diversity started and lots of ridiculous inner conflicts as well. Anyway there was still few straight edge bands, zines and individuals keepin' old spirit alive. One of them were definitely Pure. This guys were pretty much against the stream and always very outspoken. Their music is pretty much based on the 90's new school hardcore era, anyway taking some good influences from their favourites bands - Chokehold and Spawn. Their lyrics were social/political with some personal issues, promoting drug-free lifestyle and strongly anti-religious. After demo tape on Youth Culture Records, shows around Poland, they split up soon after their full length CD was released. 10-song CD, contains 12 pgs. lyric sheet. (last copies - not available on wholesale or trades!)



LIAR "Invictus" MC

Sold out!



BLINDFOLD "Live in a simple beauty" MC

Live and their first two 7"s on one tape. Emotional straight-edge hardcore from Belgium, very important band in the early 90’s.



NATIONS ON FIRE "Death of the pro-lifer" MC

Cassette release of their second LP. Positive & political XXX from Belgium. One of the best european straight edge HC band ever.




Powerful hardcore sounding pretty emotive. This is how they started and then became so important band over here.




Good sounding live recording of the classic polish straight edge hardcore from the early 90’s. Powerful, fast old school in the vein of Manliftingbanner/Youth Of Today. YOT, DYS covers here. Tape contains sheet with english translations of their lyrics.




Sold out!


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